Name: R.E. Henning

Address: Schlossaeckerstr. 38, Nuremberg, Germany

Education: primary school,

secondary school Melanchthon-Gymnasium in Nuremberg

Graduation: baccalaureate

Military service: 1 year in Regensburg

Academic studies: 5 years Communication design at the technical college Georg Simon Ohm in Nbg. (main focus on drawing, corporate design, graphic design, typography and image editing), spokesperson of students council

Graduation: graduate communication designer

Subject: Corporate design Theater Hof, logo development, fixtures and furnishings, posters and ads

Work experience: Since 1993 free lance collaborator at several agencies and graphic studios, management of my own customers (graphic design, art direction)

Since 1994 free lance collaborator at the graphic studio of Professor Hörmann, former dean of college Georg Simon Ohm, Nuremberg

Since September 1994 college place (Master of Arts Communication Design) at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London

1997-2004 free lance collaborator at adidas AG (Creative Service International)

2005 Opening of my own graphic studio: spacelab-1 in Nuremberg, Germany

Publication of several works at ‘Page’-online and at several publishers in Japan

Since 2006 coworker at Staedtler Mars GmbH and Co. KG (worldwide manufacturer of pencils and crayons) in Nuremberg (Development of own promotion lines, art direction and implementation)


Art: From 2005 until now work at art, since 2010 several exhibitions in Ibiza (2011), Nuremberg and Munich, 2011 Art Gallery in Ibiza, 2012/3 exhibition at Axel Hotel Barcelona, Spain. 2016 exhibition at "Südpunkt" Nuremberg, gay artists. 2017 digital and non digital exhibitions at MAD Gallery, Milan.

Illustrations for German Gay-Magazine "Männer", 08/2013.